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Pitch Drop

University of Queensland Pitch Drop Experiment

Nope, this isn’t your standard a dubstep bass drop, this pitch drop is an experiment on the thick black stuff historically used to waterproof ships. This decades long experiment on the behaviour of viscoelastic polymers started in 1930 at the University of Queensland, in Australia, and is just starting to get exciting! That is, the pitch is about to drop again ... for the 9th time in 80+ years. You can follow the action on the live webcam from the project website.

Why do I bring this up? Well, first off, I was recently reminded of this experiment by the most excellent Radiolab Podcast episode Speed. But most importantly, being the opportunistic fellow that I am, I thought I would seize this opportunity to piggy back on this viral internet phenomena to relaunch my technical blog, here at uberhip.com. So, welcome back.